Hairstyles for Men to Rock in 2016

Mentioned here are some trendy hairstyles for men for 2016.

Side-Part Pompadour - pixorangeSide-Part Pompadour – The legendary pop icon Elvis Presley sported the hairstyle, which was originally the hairstyle of women and called so for Madame de Pompadour of France. The style displays the hair on the top being swept back with shorter sides. As the time changed, the hairstyle was also adjusted according to the shape of the face. The round faced chap wears shaved sides with combed back hair on the top.

Angular fringe - pixorangeAngular fringe – Fringes are very popular in the hair styling world. You can achieve a great look both for short and long hair if arranged in a right way. Angular Fringe is a chic hairstyle for men in 2016, which is truly a real comeback. Special features include tapered sides with long top layer and a cut at an angle. It is a great choice for the round faced guy.

Brushed Up - pixorangeBrushed Up –  The particular hairstyle suits guys with longer faces  as the haircut is short in the sides and back, but remains long on the top. The style can also be worn with shorter hair on top, apply some gel on the hair to give it a glossy and sexy look.

simple casual hairstyles men - pixorangeSimple-Casual – The clean and casual characteristic is evident from its name. The side hair is kept short while the hair on the top remains long and is slicked backward. It offers a refined look, but can also be made elegant with the application of hair gel.

The Modern Caesar Cut - pixorangeThe Modern Caesar Cut –  It is a short hair cut for men  with trimmed hair and is known to be influenced  by  the hairstyle of Julius Caesar. The style highlights flat hair on the top. If you prefer a hassle free hairstyle, you need to go for the Caesar style haircut.