Google Trips; Train and bus reservations made easy

Google trips travel planner - PixorangeWhether you are travelling by a train or bus; you can now plan your journey with the help of the highly acclaimed ‘Google Trips’. You may have, often, wished silently to get these facilities on Google Trips, and now it is there at the reach of your fingertips. Earlier, this iOS and Android app provided the facilities to handle the reservations of hotels, cars, flights, and restaurants etc. However, with the additional facilities available, the travellers will be able to plan their itinerary in a better way.

In addition, the users of Google Trips will now be able to make manual changes. They can conveniently add the hotel names or the flight numbers if the same are not available in the app’s list. The email confirmation is not required for the same.

With its new and innovative feature, Google Maps will now also help the people remember the location of the parked car in case they forget. The Android users can reap the benefits of this feature by simply tapping the blue dot and ‘Save your parking’ icon. This will automatically add the parking location to the map. By showing the levels, it will indicate the location of the parked car.