Female orgasm – A few essential things men must know

female orgasms - pixorangeMany may consider female orgasm quite an inscrutable or enigmatic process, but it isn’t so. Though shrouded in mystery and myth, it is not that mysterious to understand. However, many men fail to hit the mark as they know little or know nothing about it. Here are some essential things men must know before starting the game.

Orgasm is classified into two types, namely, clitoral and vaginal orgasm. Clitoral orgasm occurs as a result of the stimulation of clitoris, whereas the vaginal orgasm is achieved on as a result of intercourse. So, not all girls may feel the full pleasure of climax by intercourse alone.

A girl may scream with pleasure, but it is not indispensable or even necessary. Sometimes, a girl may choose to enjoy the pleasure of climax in silence. So, silence does not always mean a failure to hit the goal.

It is, of course, desirable, but the climax may not be possible every time. However, it is not a point to be disappointed. You may go for a little longer clitoral stimulation, and yes, most probably, you will see the difference.
Hold yourself. Don’t kick the ball straight into the goal post. Practice a little bit of dribbling. Perhaps, you will enjoy it as much as hitting the goal. Women love foreplay as much as the main game. Without the foreplay, the game would not only prove to be uninteresting, but even painful at times.

Panting does not mean the girl in your arm had an orgasm. Don’t assume the goal achieved and leave her hungry and wanting. There is nothing wrong in asking here whether she had an orgasm. No need to feel ashamed if she hadn’t one. The dawn is yet to come. You can resume the game after a brief relaxation.