Drinking Water with Your Food; You must Know What Happens

Drinking Water with Your Food; You must Know What Happens  - pixorangeThe Activity Dilutes the Gastric Juice:

When digestive acids, (which help in the digestion and breaking down of food and for destruction of infectious agents consumed through the food intake) get diluted with water in the stomach, they effectively slowdown the functioning of the entire digestive process. The slowdown effects in food lasting amassed in the stomach for an extended period than usual causing indigestion. Additionally, the dilution of water with the acid in the stomach may react to cause cramps in the abdomen.

Reduces the Saliva in the Mouth:  

Water produces the same reaction that of stomach acid with the saliva in the mouth. Water dilutes the saliva, which in turn hinders the breaking down of food in the mouth. The saliva is responsible for influencing the stomach to release the digestive enzymes for the preparation of the digestive process. Drinking water with your meals may weaken the activity of saliva in the stomach. All these factors make digestion a troublesome affair.

Causes Acidity: 

Studies reveal that drinking water with meals dilutes not only the digestive enzymes in the stomach, but also affects a decrease in the secretion of digestive enzymes. It causes the undigested food in the stomach to travel to the lower part of the esophagus or the food pipe causing acidity and heart burn.

Increases Insulin Production:

Drinking of water in between meals helps raise the insulin production levels like the glycaemic foods such as foods with high protein or sugar content  like honey, potatoes, white bread, rice, etc. When the system is unable to digest food properly, it normally tends to convert glucose portion of the food into fat and accumulates it and that is why blood sugar levels shot up abruptly.

Helps Adding Weight:  

Drinking water helps increase insulin levels in the body converting the food that you eat into fat and in turn can also add additional weight to your body. It is because a poor digestive system is one major cause of obesity.

Take meals with less salt and drink water at least 30 minutes before the meal to quench your thirst. This habit can help you control negative effects on your health due to drinking water in between meals.