Dessert Cafe with Poop-theme is Expected to Open in Canada

Dessert Cafe with Poop-theme is Expected to Open in Canada - pixorangeA new type of dessert cafe is coming up in Canada, which would offer the menu in brown having the shape of human stools.

The Poop Cafe Dessert Bar is expected to come in mid- August in Koreatown. Lien Nguyen, the owner told The Toronto Star that she was trying to create poop-café with the concept that she developed while she was visiting her mother in Taiwan some time ago.

She further added that she came across a toilet-themed restaurant and appreciated.  It is really humorous to present food and poop jointly .The comparison remained in her mind for a considerable period of time. She said that she was going to make it in Toronto once she finished her school.

She earned her qualifications in culinary management from George Brown College. She plans to concentrate her menu on Asian traditional desserts such as patbingsoo or red beans with ice and hopes that through the venture, people would definitely modify their attitudes to poo.

She added that it was deemed disgusting to talk about something while you are taking food. All the ‘poo-ticualr ‘items in the cafe would have brown colour, shaped like stool and served in toilet-shaped dishes. She also plans to change the menu occasionally to get the customer feedback.