Defamation Case Worth Rs.100 Crore Filed by Poonam Pandey

Defamation Case Worth Rs.100 Crore Filed by Poonam Pandey - pixorangePoonam Pandey is famous for her daring and sensual pictures that she posts on Twitter especially for her fans and cannot stay away from controversies. The model that turned to acting has the power to grasp every bit of allegations that are raised against her from time to time. But, something different occurred and she was very annoyed and hurt. The rumour came as a report allegedly pointing her for aborting an unborn child.

Agitated and disturbed, Poonam told that she came to know the report while she was busy shooting and immediately asked her manager to check the real truth. She called the reporter of the magazine and wanted to know the reason of writing such column about her and whether she had any proof to substantiate the allegation. The answer was negative and the reporting was made only on hearsay. The actress was greatly shocked to note the manner of journalism and the irresponsible attitude of the reporter. Poonam is adamant to take up the matter and filed a defamation case against the media house for Rs.100 crore just to make them realize that writing against celebrities needs to be materially substantiated. Another reason of the defamation case is that she was deeply hurt due to the unfounded information.

She further added that the particular incident had badly affected her. It is the maiden time that she tasted bad due to a bogus report. It was never done before, which could hurt her feelings. She was angry and wondered that how could words like pregnancy and abortion be used for any woman without any substantial evidence.