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Crucial Reasons of Skin Pigmentation

Crucial Reasons of Skin Pigmentation

Cases of skin pigmentation or showing of dark spots on the skin are not at all uncommon in both male and female skin types. It is still a great issue to many minds why such pigmentation of skin occurs despite the accessibility of varieties of home therapies and medications to cope up with the threat of such blemishes appearing on the skin. It is really appalling to infer that some ordinary habits are responsible for the awful skin crisis. Mentioned here are ten crucial causes.

Cooking Activity: When you are engaged in cooking, you face extreme heat condition, which is a major reason of pigmentation of skin. You would always shun away from cooking if you identify the dislike to heat and especially high temperature. If you must get involved in cooking, you need to get proper protection of the exposed skin by applying suitable cream on the skin surface. If your skin is sensitive to intense heat, you should never visit the sauna or the steam bath parlor or hot yoga classes to avoid high temperature.

Skin Bleaching: Frequent bleaching of skin is also a key reason of pigmentation of the skin. The bleaching procedure may alter your hair color due to the presence of aggressive chemicals in it. In many occasions, it causes chemical reactions on the skin resulting in pigmentation. If you must undertake bleaching, ensure that you are using mequinol, the safe component for your wellbeing.

Hair Coloring: It is just the same reason as mentioned in the bleaching process; coloring of your hair has harmful effects on your skin. With the coloring of your hair, injurious chemicals are allowed to come in contact with your skin and produce pigmentation of your skin. You should get rid of the habit or if at all you need to continue, choose natural ingredients for hair color. Ensure that you are not using products that contain unsafe chemicals.

Use of Low Quality Skincare Items: You need to look after your skin by taking up toning and cleansing of skin on daily basis by using quality products only. You must keep away from low quality skincare items totally so that you avoid adverse effects on the skin like pigmentation. Choose famous brands that are complementary to the quality of your skin. Look for product reviews to ascertain the value of the product in users’ perspective.

Exposure to Sunrays: One major cause of skin pigmentation is unlimited exposure to sun rays, which affects more when there is no proper protection. It is recommended that a sunscreen lotion with 30 SPF should be applied on the open skin surface before going out in the sun and to be repeated every two hourly. The lotion should be used in cloudy weather too as a precautionary measure against ill-effects of sun rays.

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Aromatic Products: People love to use products with fascinating aroma. However, applications of these products are believed to cause skin pigmentation. Many people are allergic to these products where the skin tends to show sensitivity to various products with fragrance. Hence, it is better to avoid aromatic products as a safety standard. Spraying of aromatic products directly on the skin surface is, therefore, strictly prohibited.

Rubbing: The process of rubbing may also induce skin pigmentation. You should be very careful when you rub the skin using nylon loofah or cleanse the skin forcefully. It may result in drying of the skin to look it flaky.

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