Censor Board cuts James Bond Kissing scenes in India

Censor Board cuts James Bond Kissing scenes in IndiaThe brand new James Bond film, Spectre, continues to be cleared by the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) with a ‘UA’ certification… but just after four reductions, two verbal and two visual. The visual reductions are ardent kisses!

“Daniel Craig’s kisses along with his costars are reduced by 50 percent,” says a source. “The Censor Board had nothing against James Bond kissing

However, the amount of the kisses were discovered to be excessive. We learned that Ranbir Kapoor’s kissing in Tamasha has additionally been reduced by half. We wonder the method by which the Censor Board determines just how much kissing will do.”

James Bond is also prohibited to abuse, as well as the movie wants the verbal reductions. The CBFC likely believes profanity will not suit gentlemen on his majesty’s secret service.