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Nine Year Old Girl Who Sneezes 8,000 Times Everyday

Ira Saxena, Colchester, England has been suffering from a peculiar ailment, which has baffled doctors.

The Most Expensive Coffee in the World!

The Indonesian “Kopi Luwak” [kopi’lu.ak] or the civet coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. “Kopi Luwak” is made out of coffee beans, which are being consumed by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites)

Dubai and Abu Dhabi most expensive cities to live in Middle East

It is decisively established that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are most expensive cities in the world for emigrants with the

‘World’s Coolest Airport’ – Hamad International; Haffington Post says

Hamad International Airport or HIA, Doha has been adjudged the “Coolest” airport in the world, which comes in the list brought up by the Haffingon Post.

Imagine What Happens to Your Poop in An Airplane Toilet

Sometimes, you need to attend the call of nature and squeeze into the tiny airplane bathroom for releasing the pressure in the stomach for bowel discharge. What happens to it? You may recollect stories about blue ice coming

Essentials for Bikers for Riding in Summer

If you use a motorbike or a scooter for commuting, you require the following to be trendy and healthy in this summer season.

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Explained in Rig Veda and Athrava Veda

The Bermuda Triangle or the Devils Triangle is the region in the far western part of the Atlantic Ocean. The mystery surrounds the region

Chyna, the WWE Legend Dies at 46Due to Suspected Drug Overdose

The legend in the WWE circuit, Joanie Laurer, popularly known as Chyna dies at her Redondo Beach apartment

Say ‘I Love You’ In Different Indian Languages!

Love has no barriers but languages have! But You should not worry these simple ‘words’ will help you express your love to your partner whichever region they belong to!

WATCH VIDEO: Little Chinese Boy with metal pipe Fights with Police

You must have the experience of witnessing grown up men protecting women and take various risks to save the