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Are You Affected by Computer Square Eyes?

Are You Affected by Computer Square Eyes?

You must have received the warning for sitting too close to the TV as it may cause your eyes going square.

It tells of the harmful effect that your sight suffers due to spending long hours before the computer screen, or tablet or the smartphone.  In reality, experts are constantly putting caution for people on the growing complaints of “square eyes”, which occur due to staring at the screen for eight long hours every day. It has rightly pointed out by a website, which refers the commentary of The Australian College of Behavioral Optometrists on the high risk potentiality regarding the quality of vision due to poor reading and working habits.

A different study reported the case where people spent 53 working hours in a week in watching TV or looking at the computer screen. Experts caution that the blinking rate goes down by five times by staring at lighted screens. The act of blinking helps lubricate eyes and when it slows down, eyes become dry and can get hurt sometimes. Symptoms of the syndrome include tear-flow, headache, and blurred vision, and inflammation, problem in focusing along with permanent injury to the retina or cornea.

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Certain precautionary measures may be taken;

  1. Take regular breaks from looking at the screen, catch a walk or stare away at 15 seconds intervals.
  2. Use anti-glare glasses or screen.
  3. Maintain a distance from the computer.
  4. Ensure that the working area is properly lighted.
  5. Practice blinking as it disconnects the concentration on the screen.
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