A Full-Sized Artificial Mountain in UAE for More Rainfall

A Full-Sized Artificial Mountain in UAE for More RainfallIt is a well-known fact that UAE is no stranger in taking breathtaking and ambitious projects. For example, the splendid Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world at present, or the Palm Jumeirah, the man-made archipelago like a Palm tree, which are some of the artificial wonders that mesmerise us totally. However, erecting an entire mountain from a scratch is something very serious idea at the present situation even by their standards. The desert plain land of the Emirate makes it hard for the air to evaporate to form rain clouds. Hence, UAE thinks that the presence of a mountain may help bring rainfall to the otherwise waterless area.

Roelof Bruinties, lead researcher and scientist of the National Center of Meterology and Seismology or NCAR tells that the mountain is required to increase the cloud formation and not necessarily for the formation of rain bearing clouds. Once clouds start to accumulate, a meteorological process known as cloud seeding would increase the amount of rainfall that clouds can release.

Rain is a serious problem in UAE particularly when the temperature soars as high as 43 degree Celsius and there is very little rainfall. In reality, the total rainfall in the year doesn’t even reach the 5 inches mark, which is almost nothing for the area that is so arid and hot. This plan, with hindsight thus looks like a bright idea.

The people at the NCAR are yet to calculate the prospect of the project.