8 Predictions for the Planet Earth in 2025

8 Predictions for the Planet Earth in 2025 - pixorangeAccording to Moore’s law, we would experience an increase in the rate of transformation as we shift nearer to the planet earth that projects abundance in 2025. We have created a list of eight fields, which would be experiencing a revolutionary change in the subsequent decade. Explore the list and inform us about your opinion.

8. Blockchain

Bitcoin is supported by blockchain, which si a protocol that permits for secure and direct digital transfers of assets and value. The investor Marc Anderson has already invested tens of millions into its improvement and is of the opinion that this opportunity is as significant as the introduction of internet. We are discussing transactions without middlemen and this system would be the rule in the next decade.

7. Early Days of JARVIS

Simulated intelligence would be attaining huge growth in the next decade. Do you think Siri is doing fine? You need to think in the terms of JARVIS from Iron Man. It would be usual in the decade for users to permit access to their Al in the personal life ; phone calls, messages and emails  would even scan your biometric data.

6. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The new generation of displays and user interface would be available replacing screens in phased manner. Digital eyewear would be the word of the day!

5. Disruptions in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is valued at $3.8 trillion and the present institutions would phase out giving place to wearables and AI in the next decade. It would provide control to the user of health matters. We would better understand heart diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative disease and the way to deal with them. Robotic surgeons would carry out surgeries separately at an affordable price and would conduct them fully.

4. 8 Billion Hyper-Connected people

Several companies are trying to provide global connectivity and that also at a speed over 1MB/sec. It would increase the number of connected people from 3 billion to 8 billion and would boost the economy by bringing in 5 billion new consumers.

3. Perfect Knowledge

The manner the things are developing and at the speed we are moving, we would soon live in a world of perfect knowledge. A trillion censors would remain busy in accumulating data everywhere (satellite systems, autonomous cars, wearables, cameras and drones) , which would permit you to know anything that you desire at anytime  and anywhere.

2.  A Trillion- Sensor economy

IoE or the internet of everything is the name of the systemic connection among people, processes, devices and data.  It would be above 100 billion devices by 2025 with more than a dozen data collecting sensors on each device. It would result in a trillion-sensor economy where data revolution would be driven at a pace far ahead of our imagination. The IoE would be generating about $19 trillion of newly created value, which is according to Cisco.

1.A $1,000 Human Brain

You would be able to buy a computer qualified to carry out calculations at 10^16 cycles per second (10,000 trillion per second), the equivalent processing speed of the human brain at a cost of $1,000 in 2025.