6 Most Beautiful Movie Theatres From All Over The World

Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, Disney's Hollywood StudiosThe Sci-Fi Dine In Theater Restaurant is among the four theme parks positioned in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The insides of the theatre have booths which look like interval convertibles. The truth is, some servers indoors even wear roller skates and action as carhops! Amazing.

Maratha Mandir, Mumbai

Maratha Mandir, MumbaiThis theatre opened in 1958 and contains a seating capacity of 1000. It’s well-known for running the picture DDLJ for more than 1000 weeks. If you are a typical Shahrukh Kajol lover, among the best things in your bucket list needs to be seeing DDLJ here!

Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

Electric Cinema, Notting HillThe Electric Cinema is currently managed by Cityscreen that’s a tiny theatre chain that presents art house films and independent productions. After being briefly closed because of fire mishap, it reopened in November 2012 and is currently built with modern digital 3D projection using a setup of six double sofa bed in the leading row.

Hot Tub Theatre, London

Hot Tub Cinema, LondonThere are lots of fascinating theatre halls in London but the most heroic one must function as Hot Tub Theatre. In the event you would like to laze about in a inflatable hot tub with 5 other folks while enjoying drinks, this can be one area you must see!

Fox Theatre, Detroit

Fox Theater, DetroitDetroit’s stone is the massive Fox Theatre which is well-known for playing host to a number of the greatest names in the entertainment business. It securely holds its standing as among the best-grossing theatres of its own size in the state.

Blitz Megaplex, Indonesia

Blitz Megaplex, IndonesiaThis theater provides a varied variety of film genres, including Hollywood movies, film festival entries, art house cinema, Indian movies, cartoon as well as a number of pictures from around the globe in a variety of languages. It’s well-known because of its new characteristics which are exceptional, including technology 4DX (water, smell, movement, light) that gives the sense of being in the movie itself.