5 Unsafe Risks that You Should Be Aware of Your Menstruation

5 Unsafe Risks that You Should Be Aware of Your Menstruation - pixorangeSeveral women may not feel any menstrual problem, but there are plenty that experience difficulties during menstruation. You should be careful of these 5 conditions when there are abnormal periods. Irregular period is the major cause of the problem.

1. Light flow

The condition may indicate that you have problems of thyroid or pituitary glands except when you are consuming anti-baby pills. If you are not on these pills, consult the physician.

2. Sudden bleeding

Uterine or cervical polyps may cause this condition. Moreover, such bleeding may be indicative of cancer, but it is normal for pill using women.

3. Intolerable cramps

This condition may last for a few days, but be careful since it may indicate hazardous diseases.

4. Late or abnormal periods

Abnormal period without signs of pregnancy may signify hormonal imbalance, indicating that your ovulation is irregular, or you might be possessing PCOs that may generate it, more difficult to conclude the fertile period.

5. Abnormal color

If your period looks like cranberry juice, it denotes that you have normal menstruation. Otherwise, you may have estrogen imbalance.

If you feel uncomfortable and are not sure of the reason, please visit the doctor.