10 International Trips Under 50K

Enjoy and explore beautiful international travel destinations with a budget of Rs.50, 000 or even less. Find great and mind-blowing international trips from India in budget.

1.South Korea

10 International Trips Under 50K - pixorangeSouth Korea has the UNESCO heritage sites, mountainous countryside, trekking opportunities, national parks, coastal villages and the modern city of Seoul. You must visit South Korea at least once in the lifetime.

Recommended Duration of Stay: 7 days

Activities: Night Markets, Museum visits, Food Tours and Trekking in the countryside

Approximate Cost

Flight: China Eastern from Kolkata- INR 28,000

Hotel: INR 4000 for 7 days at Chingu Guest house, Seoul

2.Sri Lanka

Sri LankaThe picturesque island nation of Sri Lanka has many things for visitors – nonstop pristine beaches, good-natured elephants in elephant orphanages, historical ruins of Sigiriya, delicious cuisine and certainly intriguing mythological stories shared with India.

Recommended Duration: 7 days

Activities: Visiting Sigriya’s ruins, Tea Plantation tours, Guided tour of Elephant Orphanages, Sunbathing on great beaches

Approximate Cost

Flight : Multi ticket from Kochi :INR 13,500

Hotel : INR 3000 for 7 days at BED Hostels


Bhutan -pixorangeThe exciting kingdom of Bhutan is the land of peaceful monasteries, intimidating dzongs (Forts), striking valleys and welcoming denizens.

Recommended Duration of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Visiting spectacular dzongs, Water Rafting, Enjoying the serenity, Archery.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Druk Air from Mumbai: approximately INR30, 000

Hotel: INR 17,500 for 5 days at Hotel Phuntsho Pelri


singapore - pixorangeThe Lion city of Singapore is a lively city-state and island situated in Southeast Asia. It is the highest visited travel destination in the world.

Recommended Duration of Stay : 3 days

Activities: Exploring Sentosa, Visiting tourist attractions such as Gardens By The Bay, Woodlands, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Bay, Little India and so on.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Air India from Mumbai: INR 26,000

Hotel: INR2500 for3 days at City Backpackers


Qatar - PixorangeQatar is a must visit for architectural varieties. The country is a wonderful combination of culture, region and modernization with futuristic skyscrapers to ancient Islamic structures.

Recommended Duration of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Dune Thumping, Camel Rides, Architectural and Cultural Tours.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Kuwait Airways from Mumbai: INR25, 500

Hotel: INR 22,600 for 5 days at Lavilla Hotel, Doha.

6.Hong Kong

hong kong - pixorangeHong Kong is an extraordinary travel destination for the entire family. It has amusement parks, daunting skyscrapers, lively culture, delectable food and a sparkling harbour.

Recommended Duration of Stay:4 days

Activities: Victorian Peak, Disneyland, Lantau Island, Ocean park, Hong Kong Wetland park, Symphony of Lights, Repulse Bay.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Tiger Airways from Chennai: INR 19,500

Hotel: INR 4000 for 4 days at Ashoka Hotel, Kowloon.


Nepal - pixorangeSituated in the lap of Himalayas, beautiful Nepal is enclosed by lofty peaks and picturesque landscapes. It is really a trekker’s paradise.

Recommended Duration of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Hiking, trekking, camping, Temple and Old City Tours, Visiting Casino, Volunteering.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: IndiGo from Delhi: INR 9800

Hotel: INR 1500 for 5 days at hotels like Florid Nepal and Silver Home.


Thailand - pixorangeThailand is vibrant and fun loving with cluttered cities, cheerful nightlife, pristine virgin beaches, tropical forests, ancient banyan trees and spiritual temples.

Recommended Duration of Stay: 4days

Places to visit: Nightlife, Shopping, Exploring rainforests, beautiful beaches and night markets.

Approximate Cost:

Flight: Tiger Airways from Chennai: INR 13,000

Hotel: INR 1500 for 4 days at The Overstay Hotel and Hello Guest House.


Taiwan - PixorangeTaiwan is a small island nation having dramatic mountainous terrain, ancient ruins, lively cities, busy night markets and delicious street foods.

Recommended Duration of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Visiting national parks, Jiu Fen Old Street – the Santorini of Taiwan, Hog on fishball vermicelli, Hunt for gold at Gold Ecological Park, tours of Ancient Ruins.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: China eastern from Kolkata: 28,000

Hotel: INR 4000 for 5 days in places like Four Zero Six Inn and JV’s Hostel,



malaysia - pixorangeMalaysia is a place where culture, art, nature and architecture converge in a wonderful way. You must add it to your wish list.

Recommended days of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Shopping, Street Food Tours, Visit Petronas Twin Towers, walk in tea gardens, Sunbating on pristine beaches, Nature Walks.

Approxiamte Budget:

Flight: Tiger Airways from Chennai: INR 12,000

Hotel: INR 2000 for 5 days at places like Femloft Kuala Lumpur, Submarine Guesthouse and Seven Night Inn.